Ye Olde Yellow Meeting House
70 Yellow Meeting House Road
Upper Freehold, NJ 08514







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The 2018 Thanksgiving Eve Service is cancelled. The building is currently undergoing structural improvement work which will not be completed in time.

Dating back to the 1700's, Ye Olde Yellow Meeting House was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1975.

The church is no longer used for regular worship services, but is maintained by the Friends of Old Yellow Meeting House, which is located in Imlaystown, NJ.

This organization may be contacted at the following address:

Friends of Old Yellow Meeting House
PO Box 23, Cream Ridge, NJ 08514

The grounds are open to the public during daylight hours.

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We recently found a 30 year old slide show tape commissioned by the Friends of the Old Yellow Meeting House sometime around 1979. While the translation to digital form is not perfect, we are glad to be able to share this with you after all this time. While some of the slides had faded with time and the audio track still has the 'beeps' to tell you to advance the projector, this presentation shows where the Friends started from and gives an idea of what we have accomplished. Many of the tasks described here have been completed and we hope to post pictures of the completed work soon.

Click here to view the slide show.

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